Dresses – the options…

Ah, the wedding dress. With so many styles and designers, how can you pick just one? For me, I found my dress after only looking a few times. I knew I wanted something ornate and not a typical style. I loved that my dress was so different and fairy-tale in a way. For my wedding, I considered having two dresses 1- the ball gown for the church ceremony and 2- a mermaid or more straight gown for the rehearsal dinner. My now husband suggested I stick with just one. I could have gone either way. Here are some things to consider:
1- If you and your groom are from different cultures, you may want to have two dresses to incorporate both colors and or traditions
2- If your ceremony and your reception are at the same location, or you have minimal time between the two, you will most likely want to stick with one dress…the time wasted to switch the dresses will be added stress.
3- Ask your fiance and your family for their opinion, they know you and what, at the end of the day, you’ll be happiest with.

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