How to Word Programs

Do the ladies go first or do the men?
One of the questions I had when working on my ceremony programs was who goes first the female or the male?
I saw the following:

Parents of the Bride:

John & Jenny Smith
Jenny & John Smith
Mr. and Mrs. John Smith

I was so perplexed as to why every program I had put the names in different order. So, I called up a well-known invitation and events company in my town to see what was right (because I had to do whatever what right because I am so concerned about wedding etiquette). The woman said traditionally, the woman’s name is always supposed to go first (ex. Jenny & John Smith). The man’s name is always supposed to be attached to his last name. Yet, many people don’t know this, so that is why I deemed it important to write about this. This is of course, contradictory to what many people think – that the man’s name is supposed to go first.

And this doesn’t just apply to programs, it applies to anytime you write your names…the bride’s/woman’s/wife’s name ALWAYS is supposed to be first!
So what happens when the parents are divorced or separated? Their names go on different lines, regardless if they have the same last name or not.
If one parent is remarried, then the two could be on the same line.

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen:
You can list your BMs or GMs in either alpha. order, height order or order of importance in terms of friendship ( I was urge against the last one – people know – and then feel badly). You can list them formally as well for example, Mr. John Smith or just John Smith. Personally, I like just the names.

Make sure to list any musicians or vocalists you have perform at your ceremony as well as your officiant!

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