Don't Let it Rain on your Parade

No matter what the season, rain or other inclement weather does not have to ruin your wedding day. Although it may be hard to know more than a few days in advance what the weather will be, planning for the situation can make all of the difference.
I've recently attended two weddings on rainy days and what the bride & groom did added that extra touch (and made for some cute photos as well). The first wedding consisted of an outdoor ceremony. They had cute Asian style umbrellas at the entrance for all guests to use. The second wedding consisted of an indoor ceremony and reception. However, upon entering the church, the ushers stood with umbrellas to help shield the guests from rain at the drop off point.  The bride and groom also prepared for a rainy day by buying rain boots and a cute umbrella which equally made for an adorable photo and holiday card.

Prepare by:

1- Buying a cute and colorful pair of rain boots (for the bride only). I particularly like solid colored boots (easier to see in the photo than patterns) of the
Chinese Laundry variety shown below. You can also find boots in your wedding colors or colors to
complement the wedding scenery.

2- Finding a big umbrella (has to be functional and cover both the bride and the groom). I like either solid black or  white personally.
If it does rain on your wedding day, go outside (or stay outside) and take advantage of it. The photos are always really fun and creative. Make sure to lift up the dress a little to see the boots and prevent the dress from getting dirty. Have the photographer take some kissing shots under the umbrella and some walking in the rain shots.


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