The Academy Awards 2009: Celeb Style + My Faves

The Academy Awards: Entertainment’s biggest night. Another year, another fab sense of style. Future brides-to-be, here are some of my faves + best dressed. Bridal gown inspiration, perhaps?

Three words: one-strap + dazzling.

The one-strap…
As mentioned before, one-strap dresses are, by no surprise, hot this season.
Kate Winslet Heidi Klum
The lovely and always classy award winner, Kate Winslet…and the lovely Heidi Klum in a red origami-esque dress. Heidi also mentioned the Heart Truth Campaign as well. A great campaign that helps bring awareness to women’s heart disease.

The dazzling…
Penelope Cruz
Penelope Cruz wearing my favorite dazzling dress of the night and dress runner-up. Love the look!

Miley Cyrus SJP
Miley Cyrus and SJP…both in great dresses. I would like SJP’s dress/look even more but it just looks a little low/tight in the chest.

Anne Hathaway
The always classy Anne Hathaway. Like the dress for the dazzle and shimmer factor.

*     *     *

Jewelry fave:
The necklace that Amy Adams wore…
Amy Adams

Mickey Rourke’s necklace. I liked “The Wrestler” but overall he just seems like a
great guy. I adore how much he talked about and loves
his dog and friend. I love that he always wears a necklace of his late
dog as well..so sweet.
Mickey Rourke

*     *     *

Absolute The look of the night fave: Tiraji P. Henson. The dress, the beautiful necklace, the hair, makeup. Stunning.
Tariji P. Henson

Other faves not pictured (not yet posted online): Jennifer Aniston’s great dazzling dress, as well as those of the late Heath Ledger’s Mother and Sister. I also liked Halle Berry’s look as well. All looked great. I will post photos of these if and when available.

{Image credit: In Style}  {Mickey Rourke Image Credit: Extra}

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