Inspiration of the Week: Bridal Gowns

This week I chatted about finding the right bridal gown for your bod, and some great places to find THE bridal dress whether new or slightly used, among other things.

What is next? Bridesmaids dresses as bridal gowns! Have you considered it? In this current economic time that many would rather get past, looking at bridesmaids dresses is a great way to save some dinero. The words “bridal gown” alone often add to the price tag. If you want a somewhat simple dress and won’t miss the adornments anyway, look to bridesmaids dresses….

Here are some great bridesmaids dresses that can act as bridal gowns from Dessy, one of my fave designers of bridesmaid attire {nope, I am not paid to say that :) }…

Dessy Bridesmaid Style 2723

And for those who yearn to go short for their bridal dress….

Since there are so many Dessy styles I like, I devoted this post to them. I will post other bridesmaids dresses, I mean, great BRIDAL dress replacements, from other designers in later posts.

{Image credit: Dessy} {Styles from left to right: 2733, 2755, 2751, 2751, 2748, 2858, 2723, 2058, 2750}

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