Inspiration of the Week: Oh So Not Traditional

This week’s Inspiration {of the week} ideas will focus on what can sometimes be deemed “non-traditional”- ways to make your wedding a unique + even more fun event for you + your guests…“Shake it like a Polaroid picture”…

I am probably not alone here, but I just really don’t see the added value…key word added…of regular guest books at weddings. Same goes for the “send your wishes and advice to the bride + groom” stations at some weddings {I like it at showers though! My cousin asked my shower guests {for my family + friends shower} to write a few words to us on a picture of husband and me, when they returned the response. It was a cute way to do it.}.

As far as the wedding… I think it is just because I know I will remember everyone at my wedding because they are close family + friends and the imprint they left on my life will always be treasured…more than a few words in a book. {I hope I doesn’t sound negative here but as you know, I am all about mixing things up a little…} However, there are creative ways to have your guest send wishes or “sign in” on your wedding day…

Something I was going to do for my wedding was a Polaroid guest book. I was going to have two tween family friends {they are a hoot!} be the “photographers” and take a snapshot of each guest, couple or group as they entered the cocktail hour space. I didn’t end up doing the Polaroid concept because I had to prioritize…but I really think it is a fab idea that, surprisingly, hasn’t been at any wedding I have been to. Hmmm. Bride-to-be friends + readers – go for it!

Polaroid Guest Book Wedding

Here are my suggestions on how to make a fun, creative + possibly funny way to remember your wedding guests. Because let’s be honest, guests are going to have a blast doing this…

Polaroid Guest Book *
{Polaroid decided to gradually end production on the instant film last year but no worries–you can still purchase via Amazon and elsewhere. Polaroid also has the PoGo Instant Digital Camera as well }.

1- Get a guest book or scrapbook {without the clear page covers}. My suggestion would be to lean more toward a simple book as opposed to a formal book.

2- If interested in spicing things up a little, look at your local arts + crafts or scrapbooking store for paper, and thin embellishments {so the book doesn’t bulge to much} to adorn your pages, if desired.

3- Obtain a Polaroid camera, if you don’t already have one. Amazon has various camera. And don’t forget enough film for each guest or couple {veer on the liberal side…it is better to have left over film than not enough}.

Get photo mounting corners and using a small T-square and a polaroid photo example, apply the photo corners in all 4 areas. It is up to you, the size of your book + the number of guests you are having on how many photos per page you want. Personally, I think using mounting is better than double taping or gluing…

or better yet…

Adesso Album Kit

Check out Adesso Albums who has you covered! You can purchase a photo guest book {with the photo cut outs on the pages} or even a kit with the album, camera and film!

5- Choose: who you want to take the photos {someone outgoing + fun}, where you want it to be + where the photos should be taken {not in front of a door, etc.}.

Make a cute sign {maybe it could even include a Polaroid of the bride + groom} to inform your guests. Speaking of a Polaroid of the bride + groom…I saw this photo before by photographer Dane Sanders and wanted to share with you all…I love it and could be inspiration for you Polaroid guest book brides. :)

Dane Sanders Polaroid Pic

Great photo! You can check out Dane’s blog here.

7- Place the photos in the book + have guests leave a message next to their photo.

8- Voila! Great book + great memories.

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