A Rainy Day

Today is rainy. In Chicago, you rearrange your day when the weather is nice to get out and enjoy the day. In So Cal, you rearrange your plans when it is rainy – because it barely ever rains!

Since I have rain [and with that, extreme productivity] on the mind, here is some rainy day inspiration. Because after all, it is not 75 degrees and sunny every day, every where…and rain on the wedding day means some very cool photos…

I love how the rain doesn’t even seem to phase these groomsmen. Good sports!…
Adrienne Maples A Rainy Day Wedding - Groomsmen -13
[image credit: Adrienne Maples]

Prepare for a possible rainy day [and great photos!] with matching umbrellas for the wedding party…

Sweet Smile A Rainy Day Wedding - Wedding Party 2-13
[image credit: Sweet Smile!]

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