Sweet Options – Mini Donuts with Coffee

If you’re having a night reception, you may want to have coffee handy for your guests. After all, some guests may have a long drive home or after a night of dancing, might need a java boost. And, what goes better with coffee than [mini] donuts?!

Sweet Options - Mini Donuts with Coffee

At our parties for work, we would have what was then called Hot Spot Mini Donuts in LA [now called The Fry Girl Inc.]. They quickly fried the mini donuts + then coated them in sugar, cinnamon + the like right before your eyes on their cute little stand. And, the fun factor of mini donut stands doesn’t hurt…food = entertainment. Plus you bet those minis were delish! In South Florida? Check out Donut Divas. They also offer mini funnel cakes [yum]! Indifferent about mini donuts and in the Chicago area? Check out the full sized at Glazed Donuts where they have featured flavors like fresh mango, chocolate covered cherry or lemon ginger!

Also, if you are having a post-wedding brunch, a donut tower like the one above could serve as a little brunch appetizer of sorts for your guests. All will help in making sure your guests are fed and happy. :)

[image credit: coffee - Veer, mini donut plate - Veer, doughnut tower + mini coffee + doughnuts  - Martha Stewart Weddings]

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