A Modern Option for Bridesmaid Attire – Pretty Dresses by Yumi Kim

I have been wanting to write this post for the longest time. Why? Because I am such a fan of dresses by Yumi Kim. Over two years ago, three of my girlfriends [also 3 of my bridesmaids] spent a Saturday at Gen Art in LA.  There, the three of us fell in love with the designs of Yumi Kim. I left with a great purchase – a dress that would later get compliments practically everywhere I wore it. I normally don’t like wearing the same outfits to various events – but au contraire with this dress. I’ve worn it to rehearsal dinners, my going away party, going out on the weekends + much more. Some girls have a versatile black dress…I think this is my equivalent.

If you are looking for a pretty, colorful alternative to the typical bridesmaid dresses for your girls, you may want to consider these lovelies! I can picture them for a beachside affair, an afternoon wedding, an outdoor wedding – you name it. I mean, look at these…

Yumi Kim dress -2Yumi Kim dress -7

Yumi Kim dress -3Yumi Kim dress -5

Yumi Kim dress -6Yumi Kim dress -1

[image credit: Yumi Kim]

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