What I like this week…

Hello, hello! In addition to the wedding likes + loves I already posted this week, here are some of my favorite images I spotted this week:

I always like parasols + umbrellas but I love this…photographed by Style.ish...

Stylish-couple with umbrella

A trampoline jump on the wedding day – how fun!…

Rebekah Westover - trampoline

and these preppy chic bridesmaid outfits from the same wedding photographed by Rebekah Westover.

Rebekah Westover - bridesmaids

Okay, one more trampoline shot because it’s so fun…photographed by Rebekah Westover.

Rebekah Westover -groomsmen on trampoline

This romantic + beautiful table number display…

Victor Sizemore - beautiful table numbers

+ this chic lounge decor from the same wedding photographed by Victor Sizemore.

Victor Sizemore - modern lounge seating

[image credit: image 1 - Style.ish, 2 3 +4 - Rebekah Westover, 5+6 - Victor Sizemore]

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