A Fun + Cool Houston Engagement Session

Today’s engagement session, which was sent to me by Nicole from Design Curiosities, is pretty cool + different. Shots of Steven + Nicole were taken at various locations throughout Houston, starting out at The Orange Show (the couple went their on their second date, too!). They were closed due to inclement weather; however, Table 4 Weddings , their photographers, were able to get some great shots outside!

 Steven and Nicole - The Orange Show

Steven and Nicole - The Orange Show 2

Steven and Nicole - The Orange Show 3

After The Orange Show, they moved to a lot near it, where there was this trailer in the shape of a rocket…

Steven and Nicole - The Rocket

Steven and Nicole - The Rocket 2

Then it was onto The Daft Punk Mural…

Steven and Nicole - Daft Punk Mural

Then it was onto Domy Books in Houston, where the couple spends time looking through the many books + vinyl toys they have.

Steven and Nicole - Domy

Steven and Nicole - Domy 2

Steven and Nicole - Domy 3

Steven and Nicole - Domy 4

[image credit: Table 4 Weddings]

Visiting the locations where you previously created memories is a great way to personalize your engagement session. Interested in seeing more photos from this session? See the rest over at Design Curiosities.

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