Unique, Non Traditional-Looking Bridesmaid Dresses

Hi ya’ll…yes, it has been a while since posting. Have been extra busy busy…so, I stepped away from the blog for a bit. So anyway, let’s get on with the show…

Bridesmaid dresses don’t ever have to look like bridesmaid dresses.  I was perusing one of my favorite sites (as I always do), Mod Cloth, and they have some beautiful non-traditional-looking bridesmaid dresses. These are some of my faves…

Add some dimension to your wedding party and photos with this fab dress…(just make sure the groomsmen attire complements the color + style).

The Raise the Roof dress

I picture an ultra modern, somewhat less formal wedding for this one, say at museum of modern art or an art center. Having a black, white and yellow wedding? This Op Art Enthusiast dress would be perfectly stylish.

Speaking of stripes, this Cruising Together dress (which I myself own), would be great for a beach-inspired, less formal wedding. (the material looks “more dressy” in person).

Having a little more dressy of an affair and looking to incorporating navy? This Navy Say Navy dress is adorable.

With a cute bolero or sweater with a brooch or cloth flower, how cute would those accent this affordable Dancing in the Pleats dress?

And of course this year we can’t forget the one shoulder and floral dresses…

Who doesn’t like the subtle polka dots in the Starlight on My Shoulder dress?

Vintage brides, brides who love floral and the like, check out the array of flowery dresses here!

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