Inspiration of the Week: Beyond the Plain Vase

This week’s inspiration {of the week} ideas will focus on ways to go beyond the plain vase…each post will focus on different ways to make it more fun, whether for a shower, reception or other event.

Today…use ribbon(s) and fabric.

It could be as simple as adding ribbon around the vase, either covering it completely, around the middle, or in a bow…

Ribbon centerpiece1
Ribbon vase 3Ribbon vase 2
Ribbon vase 4

Or it could be a little more complex…fabric vases, when done right, make a statement…

Fabric vase
Click here to see how to create this look.

{Image credit, left to right: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5}

It’s Unique, It’s Fun, It’s DIY…It’s Paper!

I came across this great site, wedlog, and this fun DIY origami branch centerpiece. Check out the site for their detailed instructions on how to create your own!


{photo credit: wedlog}

Branch Centerpieces

Quite a number of you have inquired about branch centerpieces. Of course, I am not surprised given how popular using branches this year is (and aiding in cutting floral costs). My trendy sister came across these images in an insideweddings.com magazine she had. The branches are utilized so simply but they, combined with the candles, really pack a punch.


{Credits: Images-insideweddings.com; photography-Heather & Rick Kingensmith; couple-Rebecca Halpern & Adam Draizin}

Nonfloral Centerpieces

Centerpieces for anything, including a wedding, don’t necessarily always have to include flowers. Floral is typically a good portion of any wedding expense, so if you are looking to save some big bucks (or won’t miss flowers anyway) consider some of Martha Stewart’s nonfloral centerpiece ideas as inspiration…


{photo credit: Martha Stewart Weddings}

More on Centerpieces


For a modern wedding, I like these vases from Pottery Barn. Not only are they different from typical vases but they add a unique touch and draw your eye to the flowers. I like the sleek look of the calla lillies and think these vases could be a great way to go especially when the vases are paired together.  For less expensive centerpieces consider pairing with more-for-your-money flowers such as hydrangeas and using 1 vase per table or table section.

Centerpieces – Small


If your reception space has a lot of detail like ours, like say a multi-million dollar chandelier like ours, or a lot of color like elaborate ballrooms, you may want to tone down the centerpieces. I wanted the chandeliers and side lights to be the focus and our guests to be able to see one another and talk without flowers in the way or hovering over them. But that was just my preference. Some brides choose smaller centerpieces because they have 10-12 people at a table and need room. But don't be fooled, having smaller centerpieces does not always mean they will be cheaper. Often times when you are working with a florist, you rent the vases, regardless of what size. They reuse them. When I was looking into the larger cylindrical centerpieces with the orchids submerged in water, they were actually cheaper than the smaller "mound" and candle centerpieces because they used fewer orchids. The smaller mound type used more flowers – orchids and roses- and therefore cost more.
When it comes to design, I think your centerpieces need to reflect the style of your wedding. If your theme is romantic, you may want to use a lot of roses, if your theme is contemporary romantic, you may want to use more orchids or tulips, if your theme is more casual, you may want to use hydrangeas or gerber daisies. Make sure the centerpieces flow with other aspects of the wedding, such as bouquets, dresses, boutonnieres,etc.
Centerpieces do not have to be large, by any means. A very tight and vibrant small centerpiece can make a statement as well.

{credit: Heffernan Morgan}

{credit: Rolling Meadows Florist}

Centerpieces – Large

When it comes to centerpieces, a hot trend is combining elements with the flowers. In the second picture below, the orchids and callas are submerged in water. I was going to actually use these as centerpieces at my wedding but it was important to me that people could see each other. Nonetheless, I think these are great and make a statement. They look especially good at more modern and contemporary-styled weddings.

{credit: with this ring}

Another centerpiece trend is using lamps and or making floral lamps. In the picture to the right, the lamp is so high that it allows guests to see one another and adds great detail to a neutral-colored reception space. Adding jewels and hanging orchids or other flowers to centerpieces can be a great way to change things a little and add some dimension. There is a hot new trend with hanging orchid lamp-type
centerpieces. When I get a photo, I will post.

{credit: brides.com}

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