Red, Black + White Colored Wedding Inspiration

Nothing says love like the color red, right?  Red doesn’t just have to feel romantic, it could also be fun + vibrant like in these images below…color-inspiration-red-black-white-love

[image credit: red, black and white place cards, bouquet and couple in front of heart - Tanja Lippert via Snippet & Ink. Travel-inspired invitation - Caroline Tran]

Pretty as a Peacock Feather-Inspired Wedding Inspiration

I’ve always loved Peacocks and their beautifully colored feathers. I think the look is timeless and I don’t think I could ever get sick of seeing peacock feather inspiration. I am actually incorporating a slight peacock feather touch to an event I am currently working on. When the feathers are added with deep purple, I think it adds even more depth and character. Peacock feathers look great as a bouquet as well and that could be a great option if would like to save money on your florals.


[image credit: purple belt and bouquet- Elizabeth Millay; Peacock bouts and couple holding hands - Caroline Tran; cake and wedding rings - Victor Sizemore]

Fuschia, Lime + Forest Green Colored Wedding Inspiration

Summer is not over. We still have about a week, right?  And, with weather like I’ve been experiencing, I will cherish the week. I like spring, I like summer but I can’t help but feel ‘colorless’ in the thick of fall. I love color and I don’t think fall weddings have to be the usual reds and rusts and yellows that are synonomous. For this color inspiration, I’ve been thinking earthy with a touch of feminine. It was inspired by the great Crate & Barrel – where I saw the pillow below with a sweet (or earthy feminine, rather) color palette that would be lovely for a fall wedding! When fall arrives, that is. :)

Enjoy the inspiration…


[ image credit: couple + pink flower in vase - Bonnie Tsang  ; cakes - TM Photography ; green floral + shoes -Caroline Tran ;  pillow - Crate & Barrel ]



Yellow, Fuschia + Periwinkle Colored Wedding Inspiration

I was thinking yellow + fuschia color inspiration when I received some of these great images below from the sweet Cori Cook of Cori Cook Floral Design of the bouquets + centerpieces she designed, photographed by Karina Heneghan.  I like how the blue/periwinkle adds depth + even more variety to the fuschia orchids + flowers.  I picture wedding colors like this during the spring, summer or fall at a country club or golf club, or even beachside sipping lemonade with blueberry garnish. I also like how the cake below, photographed by Laurie Peacock, fits in so nicely without being too much color.

Enjoy the inspiration…


 [image credit: bouquets + submerged orchid centerpiece- Cori Cook Floral Design, cake - Laurie Peacock,  lemonade - Martha Stewart, yellow favor boxes - Martha  Stewart Weddings]


Blue and Gray Colored Wedding Inspiration

It is no surprise I love gray  in weddings + decor. I like pairing it with different colors other than the popular yellow + green. To be honest, personally, I haven’t always been the biggest fan of the color blue. [Or brown while we're on the subject.] For weddings, I always saw it as a common beach wedding color, often used in a similar way. With the peacock feather trend in weddings that came, you started seeing blue used a little more. I have grown to like blue because it can be modern… remember that great navy blue and peach wedding I featured?

So…if you’re going blue, you may want to incorporate various shades of blue [or your favorite color]. Like centerpieces + the like, various shades or colors add depth….be blue – in various shades!

Enjoy the inspiration…


[image credit: cake- My Sweet & Saucy; bride - Natalie Moser; couple in mirror + shoes - Mulberry photo; purse + bridesmaids - TM photography; Centerpiece - Victor Sizemore; Hollywood book - Jules Bianchi]

A Beautiful Alice in Wonderland-themed Tea Party

Just when I was ready to post some entertaining ideas, I spotted these absolutely lovely images of this Alice in Wonderland-themed Tea Party on the blog of the very talented Adrienne Gunde – whose work and posts I always look forward to.

The tea party was organized by Joanna Chong of Joanna Events for her mother’s birthday. I absolutely love when people use vibrant colors + fun decor like Joanna did – I mean look at these beautiful pictures! Thank  you Adrienne for allowing me to share these images with my readers.  I can imagine how fun it was to be there! Joanna is just getting started in wedding and event planning, and I would say from the look of this, she has a promising future…

This summer, take the tea party outside + have even more fun!

Enjoy the inspiration…

Adrienne Gunde Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

Adrienne Gunde Alice in Wonderland Tea Party-2

Adrienne Gunde Alice in Wonderland Tea Party-5

Adrienne Gunde Alice in Wonderland Tea Party-8

Adrienne Gunde Alice in Wonderland Tea Party-9

Adrienne Gunde Alice in Wonderland Tea Party-11

Adrienne Gunde Alice in Wonderland Tea Party-13

Adrienne Gunde Alice in Wonderland Tea Party-18

Adrienne Gunde Alice in Wonderland Tea Party-19

Adrienne Gunde Alice in Wonderland Tea Party-15

Adrienne Gunde Alice in Wonderland Tea Party-16

[image credit: Adrienne Gunde]

Plum and Silver Colored Wedding Inspiration

This weekend’s inspiration is color – plum + silver. I like the clean silver + cream colors, and the pops of color the plum provides. I’d actually like to see these colors for a fall wedding bride who is looking to escape the traditional ‘autumn leave colored tones’ of the season. I could also see this at a vineyard wedding or in wine country.

Enjoy the inspiration…


[image credit: 1+2 Leigh Miller, 3 Cakegirls, 4 + 6 Elizabeth Millay, 5+7 Jules Bianchi]

The Gray and Tan Suit Sporting Groom + Groomsmen

I just love gray and tan suits on the groom + groomsmen….especially for an outdoor or beach area wedding! There is just such a clean look to it that I love. If your man and his groomsmen aren’t into the traditional black tuxedos or suits, these are a great alternative. Look at these dapper men [in these great photos, might I add!] sporting their respective grays and tans …

Red Ribbon Studio-Grey suit groom and groomsmengrey suit groom

Red Ribbon Studio - tan suit groom with bride

Red Ribbon Studio-tan suit groom

Gertrude & Mabel Photography - tan suit groomsmenGertrude & Mabel tan suit groom

Next Exit Photography - tan suit groom

Next Exit Photography - tan suit groomsmen

[image credit: images 1-4: Red Ribbon Studio,  images 5-7: Gertrude & Mabel Photography, images 8+9: Next Exit Photography]

Inspiration: Tropical Blue, Summer Yellow + White

With June comes an abundance of summery colors like yellow, feminine blues + aquas. Spring + summer weddings are the perfect time for those tan suits for the men + and the beachy flowy dresses for women. My recent color love is tropical blue paired with summer yellow, white + and even tan + brown. Tropical blue + tan are even throughout our city home – those colors provide a nice relaxing environment.

I adore these colors for a beach or island summer wedding. Enjoy the inspiration…

Yellow and Tropical Blue and Tan wedding -11
[image credit: cake- Martha Stewart, invitations- Bella Figura,  wedding party + bride and groom - Cooper Carras, earrings- Joie de Vie Jewelry & Accessories, tie- Chinese Laundry, pillow – Marie Scosy Cushions, centerpiece- Dilly Lily ]

Inspiration of the Week: Beautiful Centerpieces

This week’s inspiration [of the week] ideas focus on beautiful centerpieces – centerpieces in different trendsetting colors schemes. There will be no all-white arrangements here…

Today: yellow. How cheery + full of sunshine is yellow? It is such a happy color.


Light Yellow Rose and Orchid centerpiece

[image credit: centerpiece 1+2: Empty Vase, centerpiece 3: Tic-Tock Couture Florals]

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