What I like this week: Colorful/Vibrant Engagement Sessions

In addition to the great photos, videos and more already posted this week, these are some oh so fun and creative images I liked this week! And since you know I love color, these are definitely not shy of that! :)

This LACMA engagement session shot by the talented Caroline Tran

The was a plastic bowl display – how fun + what a colorful backdrop!

Caroline Tran LACMA

Caroline Tran LACMA-2

[ photo credit: Caroline Tran ]

I like the color palette of this engagement session photo shot by the talented Amelia Lyon in Costa Mesa. Is it the Lab? That place has such great design, as does the photo!

Amelia Lion engagement session

[ image credit: Amelia Lyon ]

I like this fun color-filed engagement session at the fair, shot by the talented Joe Elario Photography

Joe Elario Photography carnival engagement session

[image credit: Joe Elario Photography ]

What I like this week…

Rebecca-Linh Rodgers Bride and Groom in Tub -10[image credit: Rebecca-Linh Rodgers]

For those of you Texas brides…
Rebecca-Linh Rodgers Bride and Groom in Tub 2-10

[image credit: Rebecca-Linh Rodgers]

The Bright Side Project

Have you heard what the wonderful Miss B. of the Blah, Blah, Blahg created?

Bright Side Project

‘The Bright Side Project, which brings sunshine every day, to help you stop for a second and remember life is (still) beautiful and there is goodness in the world.’

And, can’t we all use a little more sunshine in our lives? This is such a great concept, I am so thrilled to be writing about it. I admire people like Miss B. who truly go above and beyond to make the world a nicer, happier + thus, better place! Head on over to The Bright Side Project where you can have a chance to win fabulous goodies by a variety of generous artists and contributors. The artists ask a question, and you just leave an answer for an opportunity to win great items.

The current goodie: Mohop sandals! Take a look + best o’ luck! And, thanks to The Bright Side Project for continuing to deliver positivity + happiness. :)

The New Way to e-Send Invites: Pingg


Ever just want to e-send an invite due to time or other restrictions….and like evite but wish there were something that allowed you to have a little more creative control?

Introducing Pingg

Pingg Invite Image

Pingg allows you to choose from various galleries or upload your own image, so the design is your complete individual style- custom made. How cool is that? Martha Stewart and others even helped to design some invitations as well.

Pingg also sends your invite via snail mail {print}, e-mail, sms/text, Web, and social networks such as facebook, twitter and more. Then you can later manage responses, make changes and even send thank you notes. I could go on and on about it really…but will spare you. Go ahead, take a look for yourself.

{Image credit: Pingg, designed by Jessica Gonacha}

B{eautiful}ridesmaids Dresses

In my last post I mentioned The Dessy Group bridesmaids dresses and how they are one of my faves for bridesmaid dresses. So it is no wonder that I adore these styles…

I’ll give you a clue, one is perfect for a modern wedding {or even a preppy wedding} and the other is perfect for a girl who wants that wonderfully romantic wedding.

From the Lela Rose bridesmaid collection by The Dessy Group...

Lela Rose Style LR109
Lela Rose Style LR109 -1

I like the tuxedo-esque top.

Lela Rose LR100
Lela Rose Style LR100

The flower neckline is adorable.

{Image credit: Lela Rose Bridesmaid}
{Styles top to bottom: Lela Rose LR109, Lela Rose LR100}

Great Cakes: Charm City Cakes

Happy Mardi Gras! As I write to you, I am bidding a temporary farewell to sweets. I am saying goodbye to sweets ( I think I can, I can I think I can…) for lent. Those of you who know me, know I have a sweet tooth. But every year for lent, I give up a couple things that I know will be difficult. Unfortunately this year I didn’t have the traditional Chicago paczki, a deep fried, fruit-filled pastry served in abundance on Fat Tuesday, or a piece of king cake but I did get my sweet fix….by watching another episode of The Food Network’s “Ace of Cakes” one of my favorite shows…on one of my favorite networks.

So without further adieu, check out some of my favorite cakes {of the many, many awesome cakes} from Charm City Cakes, home to “Ace of Cakes”…they are very talented! If you haven’t seen the show, check it out.

CCC abby
CCC cherryblossoms CCCtrad_46
CCC elegant_41 CCC kateri CCC sherri_det CCC trad_71 CCCbirds CCCjoanna

{Image Credit: Charm City Cakes}

The Academy Awards 2009: Celeb Style + My Faves

The Academy Awards: Entertainment’s biggest night. Another year, another fab sense of style. Future brides-to-be, here are some of my faves + best dressed. Bridal gown inspiration, perhaps?

Three words: one-strap + dazzling.

The one-strap…
As mentioned before, one-strap dresses are, by no surprise, hot this season.
Kate Winslet Heidi Klum
The lovely and always classy award winner, Kate Winslet…and the lovely Heidi Klum in a red origami-esque dress. Heidi also mentioned the Heart Truth Campaign as well. A great campaign that helps bring awareness to women’s heart disease.

The dazzling…
Penelope Cruz
Penelope Cruz wearing my favorite dazzling dress of the night and dress runner-up. Love the look!

Miley Cyrus SJP
Miley Cyrus and SJP…both in great dresses. I would like SJP’s dress/look even more but it just looks a little low/tight in the chest.

Anne Hathaway
The always classy Anne Hathaway. Like the dress for the dazzle and shimmer factor.

*     *     *

Jewelry fave:
The necklace that Amy Adams wore…
Amy Adams

Mickey Rourke’s necklace. I liked “The Wrestler” but overall he just seems like a
great guy. I adore how much he talked about and loves
his dog and friend. I love that he always wears a necklace of his late
dog as well..so sweet.
Mickey Rourke

*     *     *

Absolute The look of the night fave: Tiraji P. Henson. The dress, the beautiful necklace, the hair, makeup. Stunning.
Tariji P. Henson

Other faves not pictured (not yet posted online): Jennifer Aniston’s great dazzling dress, as well as those of the late Heath Ledger’s Mother and Sister. I also liked Halle Berry’s look as well. All looked great. I will post photos of these if and when available.

{Image credit: In Style}  {Mickey Rourke Image Credit: Extra}

Oui, Haut Chocolat….

Vosges Truffles

Not only is the Vosges Haut Chocolat Lincoln Park shop chic, the chocolate is fabulous. As a kind gift for my birthday last month, I received a box of chocolates from two friends…so good! I especially like the dark chocolate pieces like “chef pascal” and “budapest.”

Located in Chicago, Las Vegas and New York. Available online.

Image credit: Vosges}

Lady in White…

Love the style of this…

one strap off the shoulder gown, style 19227 Dawn, from Mon Cheri Bridals.

Mon cheri bridal
Mon cheri bridal2

{image credit: Mon Cheri Bridals}

Favorite Things are truly favorite things…trendsetting wedding is not paid to promote these items.

Wedding Gowns

I don’t really post that much about wedding dresses but I love this trend this season…in lieu of strapless wedding gowns, more and more designers are creating gowns that are a little, well, more on the conservative side. Recently, the Chicago Tribune did a story on a this new trend as well. I have nothing against strapless wedding gowns but they just weren’t for me and my wedding day…especially since I was married in a Catholic Church and didn’t want myself or my bridesmaids having to do the “strapless dress pull up” while dancing that guys and my parents’ generation always comment on. But it is true, so you can’t blame ‘em …
Check out the following  dresses that are some of my faves for 2009…

maggie-sotero-cambria priscilla-of-boston-4118jim-hjelm-jh8750

{Photo credits left to right: 1 & 2 Maggie Sotero; 3 & 4 Priscilla of Boston; 5 Jim Hjelm }

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