Wedding of Wonders – Truly a Unique Wedding

This takes the cake as the most unique wedding concept I have seen to date [and not only because my husband + I share also share a love of overseas travel]…special thanks to Ian Grant Photography + his blog.

Meet Katie + Mike…


Katie + Mike decided to merge their love of traveling + fine cuisine and plan a wedding around the world. That is right. After considering various wedding ideas they opted for a worldwide tour – and could you blame them? Their aptly named Wedding of Wonders consisted of:

- 36,000 miles

- 35 days

- 11 flights

- 10 countries

- 8  languages

Katie and Mike - Wedding of Wonders

The around the world trip, which was documented on their Wedding of Wonders blog, concluded with a celebration + six course gourmet meal  in Radnor, Pennslvania at Susanna Foo.

Take note of the lovely decor + menus, which were designed by the couple themselves.










Thank you Ian for letting me share these photos.

[image credit: Ian Grant Photography and Wedding of Wonders]

Ways to Modernize Your Event: Cool Desserts + Goodies

So, you have a sweet tooth [Like yours truly. Did I mention it is the 3rd time this week I had a cupcake for breaky?] Or rather you’d like to treat your guests to delicious sweets + goodies…but you don’t want just any sweet table or candy buffet…

Look at these yummy desserts from Sweet and Saucy Shop + this lovely dessert display I spotted on the Jesi Haack Weddings blog from a wedding at the recently renovated + modern Belamar Hotel in the South Bay/Manhattan Beach, CA.

Lemon cupcakes, cake lollipops, and awesomely modern cookies, oh my!
I love what they’ve done…the mini desserts, the display, + the cookies in line with the wedding theme. Love this…

Yellow and Orange Dessert table -3

Yellow and Orange Dessert table2 -3

Yellow and Orange Dessert table3 -3

[image credit: Adrianne Bonafede ]

Ways to Modernize Your Event: Ghost Chairs

This week’s ideas + inspiration will be how to make ‘normal’ more modern. Think of it as a Cliff’s notes of sorts…with some of my current favorites.

What better way to modernize a reception or event space than GHOST CHAIRS. I love the clean look of these chairs + the way they really open up a space [+ draw attention to your tablescapes].  After all, you can literally see through the chairs. The result? Great decor + photos like these from White Lilac Inc. and Barnet Photography, respectively from a recent wedding at one of my favorite LA area venues – The Beverly Hills Hotel [remember this post?]

Modern Reception Ghost Chairs 2 - 4

Modern Reception Ghost Chairs

Modern Reception Ghost Chairs 3 - 4

[image credit: Barnet Photography]
Ghost Chairs
[image credit: Pure Contemporary]
Looking to modernize the high boy tables for the cocktail hour? You can also find Ghost Stools out there as well, like these from Kartell…

Ghost Stool-2

Ghost Stool
[image credit: All Modern]
Are any of you planning to use Ghost Chairs, or have in the past for your wedding or event?

Vintage Rustic Wedding Floral + Decor

As mentioned earlier in the week, the inspiration this week focuses around a Vintage Rustic affair.
I like the Vintage Rustic aesthetic because to me, it romanticizes normal rustic decor…giving it a boost of loveliness for a wedding. I assembled some centerpiece + decor ideas + inspiration below.

I will highlight a few:
- looking for a centerpiece but not keen on traditional favors? The idea is not new but is a lovely one: use mini potted plants + min floral arrangements for place cards and/or favors. When grouped together, they can make a cute little centerpiece.

- for a more rustic ring bearer pillow, see this one from Luckey U.

- I spotted this DIY rustic cake stand on from Once Wed via Simply Natural.

- to fill that space if you are going light on the flowers, look into Lanterns like those below from Pottery Barn or even mini lanterns + mini centerpieces like in this photo taken by from Mel Barlow.

Vintage Rustic Decor
[image credit:
mini floral centerpieces - Sugar Plum Invitations via Beach Bungalow 8; tree stump, bouquet, green + red flower mini centerpieces + lanterns - Mel Barlow; ring bearer nest pillow - Luckey U; mini potted plant - Martha Stewart Weddings; DIY cake stand - Once Wed via Simply Natural; black lanterns - Pottery Barn]

Inspiration of the Week: A Vintage Rustic Wedding

This week’s inspiration: the Vintage Rustic Wedding. I was inspired by the image on the upper right of the board, I spotted and that was sent to me by Kristi of KLK Photography. How cool is that photo? I love the suitcases as props of sorts. Why not include vintage suitcases in your decor if you are having a more outdoorsy or rustic affair?

Vintage Rustic Wedding - 8

The summer + fall would be the perfect seasons for a Vintage Rustic affair. Looking to add a little more rustic to your place settings? Consider having small chalkboard as place cards – or even a large chalkboard menu that your guests can read upon entering the reception/dinner space.
I also love the image of the bride above left by Anne Pearson Photography of a vintage wedding in Utah I spotted on the Utah Bride Blog.

Putting this together makes me now want to grab the hubby and go have a picnic in the park. :)

[image credit - Rustic Venue I shot the bride via Flights of Fancy, chalkboard place card - Crossroads Cottage via Event Jubilee, bride with suitcases - KLK Photography and florals in that image - Jen K Floral Design, bride in front of door - Anne Pearson Photography via Utah Bride Blog , vintage suitcases - bubbo-tubbo via Blondie 'N' SC, centerpiece + bouquet - Vintage Design Co. ]

Inspiration: Tropical Blue, Summer Yellow + White

With June comes an abundance of summery colors like yellow, feminine blues + aquas. Spring + summer weddings are the perfect time for those tan suits for the men + and the beachy flowy dresses for women. My recent color love is tropical blue paired with summer yellow, white + and even tan + brown. Tropical blue + tan are even throughout our city home – those colors provide a nice relaxing environment.

I adore these colors for a beach or island summer wedding. Enjoy the inspiration…

Yellow and Tropical Blue and Tan wedding -11
[image credit: cake- Martha Stewart, invitations- Bella Figura,  wedding party + bride and groom - Cooper Carras, earrings- Joie de Vie Jewelry & Accessories, tie- Chinese Laundry, pillow – Marie Scosy Cushions, centerpiece- Dilly Lily ]

A Rainy Day

Today is rainy. In Chicago, you rearrange your day when the weather is nice to get out and enjoy the day. In So Cal, you rearrange your plans when it is rainy – because it barely ever rains!

Since I have rain [and with that, extreme productivity] on the mind, here is some rainy day inspiration. Because after all, it is not 75 degrees and sunny every day, every where…and rain on the wedding day means some very cool photos…

I love how the rain doesn’t even seem to phase these groomsmen. Good sports!…
Adrienne Maples A Rainy Day Wedding - Groomsmen -13
[image credit: Adrienne Maples]

Prepare for a possible rainy day [and great photos!] with matching umbrellas for the wedding party…

Sweet Smile A Rainy Day Wedding - Wedding Party 2-13
[image credit: Sweet Smile!]

San Francisco Cool Engagement Session

Okay, how cool are these engagement session photos by Tinywater Photography?

I just spotted these photos via Twitter on the Tinywater Photography blog. There is such a laid back + organic feel to both the setting + the images. And the car dubbed as a plant pot? So unique + rad!

Tinywater photography - San Francisco organic engagement session
Tinywater photography - San Francisco organic engagement session 2-15

Tinywater photography - San Francisco organic engagement session 3-15

Tinywater photography - San Francisco organic engagement session 5-15

To see more of these great images, make sure to check out the post on the Tinywater Photography blog, here.

Inspiration of the Week: French Inspired

I hope you had a great holiday weekend!

Today, I am happy to say that I have more lovely images + French inspiration to share you with you. Here are some images from a couple of weddings in Aix-en-Provence, photographed by Alexis Photos.
Is the romantic feel of all things France unbelievable or what?

Alexis Photos Wedding in France - 16

Alexis Photos Wedding in France 2- 16

Alexis Photos Wedding in France 3- 16

Alexis Photos Wedding in France 4- 16

Alexis Photos Wedding in France 5 - 16

Alexis Photos Wedding in France 6- 16

Alexis Photos Wedding in France 7- 16

Alexis Photos Wedding in France 8- 16

Alexis Photos Wedding in France 9- 16

Alexis Photos Wedding in France 10- 16

Inspiration of the Week: French Inspired

My plan my last year in college was to move to France if I didn’t get a
job immediately after school [I loved living in - and always love
traveling to - Europe]. I was offered a job I enjoyed, so I didn’t end up
moving to France…but something tells me if I did, I would indeed love it!

These are beautiful images from a lovely French wedding in Cahors, France, photographed by Alexis Photos. The castle is the famous Château de Mercuès.

Alexis Photos Wedding in Cahors France - 18 Alexis Photos Wedding in Cahors France 2- 18

Alexis Photos Wedding in Cahors France 3- 18 Alexis Photos Wedding in Cahors France 4- 18

Alexis Photos Wedding in Cahors France 5- 18

Alexis Photos Wedding in Cahors France 6- 18

Alexis Photos Wedding in Cahors France 7- 18

Alexis Photos Wedding in Cahors France 8 - 18

Alexis Photos Wedding in Cahors France 9- 18

Alexis Photos Wedding in Cahors France 10- 18

Alexis Photos Wedding in Cahors France 11- 18

Alexis Photos Wedding in Cahors France 12- 18

Alexis Photos Wedding in Cahors France -13 18

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