A Vibrant + Chic Chicago Engagement Session

I  spotted this recent engagement session on the Miller + Miller photography blog [ of which you know I am a fan!!].  Sarah + Ryan Miller said this happy couple, Ernesto + Erika, “came to us interested in a far from standard engagement photos style.” Goal achieved by the look of this session! I like the  juxtaposition of the edgy graffiti photos that Ernesto wanted and the urban chic + romantic photos that Erika desired. I like when couples mix styles + venture from just having one vibe of a photo session. I think Miller + Miller does a great job of capturing the essence of these various styles…

Miller + Miller creative engagement session

Miller + Miller creative engagement session 2

Miller + Miller creative engagement session 3

Miller + Miller creative engagement session 4

Miller + Miller creative engagement session 5

Miller + Miller creative engagement session 6

Miller + Miller creative engagement session 7

Miller + Miller creative engagement session 8

Great couple + great photographer definitely = great [+ far from standard] photos!

[image credit: Miller + Miller ]

An Outdoor Fall Wedding in Chicago

Happy Monday, everyone. I hope you all had a nice weekend.

For today’s post – a wedding of a couple who’s very fashionable (and fashion magazine-esque) engagement photos were featured on trendsetting wedding not too long ago. The wedding of Joshua + Stacy recently took place in the Chicago North Shore area. Here are some of their great photos from their big day…

Miller + MIller Joshua and Stacy wedding

Miller + MIller Joshua and Stacy wedding-2

Miller + MIller Joshua and Stacy wedding-3

Miller + MIller Joshua and Stacy wedding-4

Miller + MIller Joshua and Stacy wedding-5

Miller + MIller Joshua and Stacy wedding-6

Miller + MIller Joshua and Stacy wedding-7

Miller + MIller Joshua and Stacy wedding-9

Miller + MIller Joshua and Stacy wedding-10

Miller + MIller Joshua and Stacy wedding-11

Miller + MIller Joshua and Stacy wedding-12

Miller + MIller Joshua and Stacy wedding-13

Thank you Sarah from Miller + Miller for sharing these photos with me.

What I like this week: Colorful/Vibrant Engagement Sessions

In addition to the great photos, videos and more already posted this week, these are some oh so fun and creative images I liked this week! And since you know I love color, these are definitely not shy of that! :)

This LACMA engagement session shot by the talented Caroline Tran

The was a plastic bowl display – how fun + what a colorful backdrop!

Caroline Tran LACMA

Caroline Tran LACMA-2

[ photo credit: Caroline Tran ]

I like the color palette of this engagement session photo shot by the talented Amelia Lyon in Costa Mesa. Is it the Lab? That place has such great design, as does the photo!

Amelia Lion engagement session

[ image credit: Amelia Lyon ]

I like this fun color-filed engagement session at the fair, shot by the talented Joe Elario Photography

Joe Elario Photography carnival engagement session

[image credit: Joe Elario Photography ]

A Very Fashionable Chicago Engagement Session

I hope you all had a nice holiday weekend! Before I talk about these great photos I am sharing with you, I wanted to say I am back in the swing of things blogging after a brief leave. These last few weeks have been a little stressful+ busy both with work and at home [ my Grandma was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. I am hoping + praying for a great recovery [and special thank you to my great friends-you know who you are-who have sent me sweet messages + tweets last week.].

Now without further adieu…

I was delighted when I received an e-mail from Sarah at Miller + Miller  with these great engagement session photos of the very fashionable couple Joshua + Stacy. I adore engagement photos that are not only unique + not typical ‘engagement photo-looking’ but also showcase a couple in a unique way. I mean look at these photos…they are so fashion spread-esque! These beautiful images are so chic, classy and refined.

They started at Chicago’s Union Station downtown…

Chicago Union Station Engagement Photos

Naperville Engagement Photographer

America's Next Top Model Chicago Engagement

10-Chicago IL Illinois Engagement Pictures

Stylish Engagement Photos

Then moved over by “the L” tracks.

Stylish Wedding Photos

Hinsdale IL Engagement Photos

Ottawa IL Engagement Photography

Chicago Make Me A Supermodel

Elegant Illinois Engagement Photos

Then moved over to the Planetarium, which offers a great view of the city.

Skyline Sunset Engagement

Skyline Engagement

Chicago Skyline Engagement Pictures

Lake Michigan Engagement

And lastly, on to the financial district…

Skyscrapers Buildings Engagement

Engagement Photos Skyscrapers

And, photographers Sarah + Ryan said it as well – is this couple model material or what? Great shots Miller + Miller.  Night engagement shots – after seeing these, they have become my new favorite. Thank you for sharing these images with me + allowing me to share your work of art with my readers.

[image credit: Miller + Miller]

A Spanish Inspired Wedding in Old San Juan

I like the city of San Juan…

What a nice surprise this morning to see these beautiful images from bride Christina’s wedding in Puerto Rico that she sent me. Christina’s vision was to have a Spanish themed wedding in Puerto Rico, where she and her husband Carlos first met. Christina described Old San Juan, Puerto Rico as “a modern day movie set for lovers of all things Spanish.” I certainly agree. I adore the vibrant colors + decor that are uniquely Spanish. It makes me reminisce of my time spent living in Spain watching the flamenco dancers in their bright red attire + doing a little flamenco dancing myself. Olé.

Carlos and Christina had a traditional Catholic service ceremony at El Cathedral de San Juan. The ceremony music was performed by a Spanish guitarist. The reception was at El Convento Hotel where they had a traditional Puerto Rican cigar roller, a Spanish guitarist who played all night, and served Puerto Rican food. The decor consisted of paper flowers (by Anne Musings), candles and carnations. The signs were were all written in Spanish and the place cards were tiles by LH Calligraphy and were later used to write well wishes on for the couple.

Christina’s dress was by Spanish designer San Patrick and her veil was by Elie Saab. The bridesmaids wore veils and gloves to create a more vintage look. The men wore converse shoes, and not just any….they were designed by the groom with Puerto Rico written on the side. The flower girls were spunky in their fun+ non traditional outfits and cute pink converse shoes. And, did I mention there were parasols?… Always love when they’re included!

Below are the images of their wedding, photographed by Shawna Herring. Talk about amor…I am loving the color palette, the decor, the attire, the setting…

Shawna Herring - San Juan wedding-9

Shawna Herring - San Juan wedding-22

Shawna Herring - San Juan wedding-20 Shawna Herring - San Juan wedding-21

Shawna Herring - San Juan wedding-10

Shawna Herring - San Juan wedding-11 Shawna Herring - San Juan wedding-3 Shawna Herring - San Juan wedding-12

Shawna Herring - San Juan wedding

Shawna Herring - San Juan wedding-14 Shawna Herring - San Juan wedding-8 Shawna Herring - San Juan wedding-13

Shawna Herring - San Juan wedding-24

Shawna Herring - San Juan wedding-17 Shawna Herring - San Juan wedding-16 Shawna Herring - San Juan wedding-18

Shawna Herring - San Juan wedding-2

Shawna Herring - San Juan wedding-4

Shawna Herring - San Juan wedding-15

Shawna Herring - San Juan wedding-19

Shawna Herring - San Juan wedding-7

Shawna Herring - San Juan wedding-23

Shawna Herring - San Juan wedding-5 [image credit: Shawna Herring]

Additional Vendors:

Accommodations by El San Juan Hotel

Silk hair flowers by Mandi Derrow

Programs, door signs and menus by Tiffany

Teal signs, tees and totes by Wedding Chicks

Destination Wedding Planner – Lisa Rodriguez

Travel provided by Ary Hernandez

What I like this week…

Hello, hello! In addition to the wedding likes + loves I already posted this week, here are some of my favorite images I spotted this week:

I always like parasols + umbrellas but I love this…photographed by Style.ish...

Stylish-couple with umbrella

A trampoline jump on the wedding day – how fun!…

Rebekah Westover - trampoline

and these preppy chic bridesmaid outfits from the same wedding photographed by Rebekah Westover.

Rebekah Westover - bridesmaids

Okay, one more trampoline shot because it’s so fun…photographed by Rebekah Westover.

Rebekah Westover -groomsmen on trampoline

This romantic + beautiful table number display…

Victor Sizemore - beautiful table numbers

+ this chic lounge decor from the same wedding photographed by Victor Sizemore.

Victor Sizemore - modern lounge seating

[image credit: image 1 - Style.ish, 2 3 +4 - Rebekah Westover, 5+6 - Victor Sizemore]

Wedding of Wonders – Truly a Unique Wedding

This takes the cake as the most unique wedding concept I have seen to date [and not only because my husband + I share also share a love of overseas travel]…special thanks to Ian Grant Photography + his blog.

Meet Katie + Mike…


Katie + Mike decided to merge their love of traveling + fine cuisine and plan a wedding around the world. That is right. After considering various wedding ideas they opted for a worldwide tour – and could you blame them? Their aptly named Wedding of Wonders consisted of:

- 36,000 miles

- 35 days

- 11 flights

- 10 countries

- 8  languages

Katie and Mike - Wedding of Wonders

The around the world trip, which was documented on their Wedding of Wonders blog, concluded with a celebration + six course gourmet meal  in Radnor, Pennslvania at Susanna Foo.

Take note of the lovely decor + menus, which were designed by the couple themselves.










Thank you Ian for letting me share these photos.

[image credit: Ian Grant Photography and Wedding of Wonders]

Beautiful {Vintage Inspired} Bride + Groom Session

When I saw the beautiful images of this bride + groom session by Jessica Kettle Photography, I was SO inspired. I love the bride Aimee’s dress  – which actually, her mother made and they designed together. I also love the groom Kumu’s suit.  And, the umbrella + the beautiful scenery as the backdrop just tie it all together so very nicely. The couple was married in Hawaii but had this bride + groom session in Seattle. Absolutely beaut-i-ful. Thank you Jessica for allowing me to share your absolutely lovely images with my readers.

Is this a stylish couple or what?

Jessica Kettle Photography - vintage inspired weddingJessica Kettle Photography - vintage inspired wedding-2Jessica Kettle Photography - vintage inspired wedding-3Jessica Kettle Photography - vintage inspired wedding-4Jessica Kettle Photography - vintage inspired wedding-5Jessica Kettle Photography - vintage inspired wedding-6Jessica Kettle Photography - vintage inspired wedding-7Jessica Kettle Photography - vintage inspired wedding-8

[image credit: Jessica Kettle Photography. No re-posting without permission.]

What I like this week…

I love city shots – whether for an engagement session or a wedding. I am motivated by the hustle and bustle of big cities, the scenic architecture + views you just can’t get elsewhere. I like New York, of course, but I am a little more partial to Chicago. So, it is no wonder I like these artistic photos taken in downtown Chicago from Greg Lappin Photography that I spotted on his site…






[image credit: Greg Lappin Photography]

What I like this week…

I love these images from Rebekah Westover Photography that I spotted via the Utah Bride Blog – they are adorable! Loving the picturesque shop as a backdrop.

Rebekah Westover Photography - Sweet Romantic Engagement Session -5

And this beautiful image of this lovely couple…

And that dress!

Rebekah Westover Photography - Sweet Romantic Engagement Session 2-5

[image credit: preceding 2 images by Rebekah Westover Photography via Utah Bride Blog]

Have you seen this wedding by Josh Goleman? It was a circus theme. My favorite detail? The “cake cutting” and “first dance” signs -  how cool are those?…

Josh Goleman Photography - Circus Wedding 2- 6Josh Goleman Photography - Circus Wedding - 6

Josh Goleman Photography - Circus Wedding 3- 6

[preceding 3 images credit: Josh Goleman, signs- Bradford Woodworking]

I like the romantic feel to this wedding by Altmix Photography. And this shot, beautiful! Love umbrellas in shots…

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