Ice Cream at Your Wedding – Vintage Style

We all scream for ice cream…so serve your guests in style!

With it being summer – and hot – it means more refreshing + cold treats at outdoor weddings + events. Serving Ice Cream at weddings is really nothing new, however, serving the cold sweet goodness a la a vintage ice cream truck – so fun!

Meet Gold Coast Ice Cream. They serve gelato + ice cream from a 1967 Good Humor ice cream truck and are available for events in NYC and Long Island. Looking to sweeten up your event even more – they also offer other great retro candies as well.

Good Humor Truck

Good Humor Truck-2

Good Humor Truck-3

Thanks for the head’s up Gold Coast Ice Cream. New Yorkers, enjoy!

[image credit: Gold Coast Ice Cream via Flickr]

Ways to Modernize Your Event: Cool Desserts + Goodies

So, you have a sweet tooth [Like yours truly. Did I mention it is the 3rd time this week I had a cupcake for breaky?] Or rather you’d like to treat your guests to delicious sweets + goodies…but you don’t want just any sweet table or candy buffet…

Look at these yummy desserts from Sweet and Saucy Shop + this lovely dessert display I spotted on the Jesi Haack Weddings blog from a wedding at the recently renovated + modern Belamar Hotel in the South Bay/Manhattan Beach, CA.

Lemon cupcakes, cake lollipops, and awesomely modern cookies, oh my!
I love what they’ve done…the mini desserts, the display, + the cookies in line with the wedding theme. Love this…

Yellow and Orange Dessert table -3

Yellow and Orange Dessert table2 -3

Yellow and Orange Dessert table3 -3

[image credit: Adrianne Bonafede ]

Sweet Options – Mini Donuts with Coffee

If you’re having a night reception, you may want to have coffee handy for your guests. After all, some guests may have a long drive home or after a night of dancing, might need a java boost. And, what goes better with coffee than [mini] donuts?!

Sweet Options - Mini Donuts with Coffee

At our parties for work, we would have what was then called Hot Spot Mini Donuts in LA [now called The Fry Girl Inc.]. They quickly fried the mini donuts + then coated them in sugar, cinnamon + the like right before your eyes on their cute little stand. And, the fun factor of mini donut stands doesn’t hurt…food = entertainment. Plus you bet those minis were delish! In South Florida? Check out Donut Divas. They also offer mini funnel cakes [yum]! Indifferent about mini donuts and in the Chicago area? Check out the full sized at Glazed Donuts where they have featured flavors like fresh mango, chocolate covered cherry or lemon ginger!

Also, if you are having a post-wedding brunch, a donut tower like the one above could serve as a little brunch appetizer of sorts for your guests. All will help in making sure your guests are fed and happy. :)

[image credit: coffee - Veer, mini donut plate - Veer, doughnut tower + mini coffee + doughnuts  - Martha Stewart Weddings]

Sweet Options – Dylan's Candy Bar

Looking for fun + non traditional sweets for your shower, reception or event?
Dylan’s Candy Bar: not only is the candy packaging extremely fun but the sweets are delish! And, boy is there a creative variety.

I first had Dylan’s Candy Bar chocolates a few years ago when my sister brought me back some from her work trip to NYC. But of course, you can also order online.

Sweet Options - Dylans Candy Bar

Choose from so many great candies and chocolates – from their Marital Bliss chocolate bar, chocolate heels [Jaime, thought of you for these], white and dark chocolate swirl popcorn, and one of the cutest gift  baskets I have seen. And did I mention they have chocolate covered cookie dough,  vanilla-fudge covered graham crackers bites [called Clodhoppers] and chocolate covered gummy bears? They also have sugar free and Kosher varieties. Sweets. Now. Please.

Great Cakes: Charm City Cakes

Happy Mardi Gras! As I write to you, I am bidding a temporary farewell to sweets. I am saying goodbye to sweets ( I think I can, I can I think I can…) for lent. Those of you who know me, know I have a sweet tooth. But every year for lent, I give up a couple things that I know will be difficult. Unfortunately this year I didn’t have the traditional Chicago paczki, a deep fried, fruit-filled pastry served in abundance on Fat Tuesday, or a piece of king cake but I did get my sweet fix….by watching another episode of The Food Network’s “Ace of Cakes” one of my favorite shows…on one of my favorite networks.

So without further adieu, check out some of my favorite cakes {of the many, many awesome cakes} from Charm City Cakes, home to “Ace of Cakes”…they are very talented! If you haven’t seen the show, check it out.

CCC abby
CCC cherryblossoms CCCtrad_46
CCC elegant_41 CCC kateri CCC sherri_det CCC trad_71 CCCbirds CCCjoanna

{Image Credit: Charm City Cakes}

Oui, Haut Chocolat….

Vosges Truffles

Not only is the Vosges Haut Chocolat Lincoln Park shop chic, the chocolate is fabulous. As a kind gift for my birthday last month, I received a box of chocolates from two friends…so good! I especially like the dark chocolate pieces like “chef pascal” and “budapest.”

Located in Chicago, Las Vegas and New York. Available online.

Image credit: Vosges}

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