The Gray and Tan Suit Sporting Groom + Groomsmen

I just love gray and tan suits on the groom + groomsmen….especially for an outdoor or beach area wedding! There is just such a clean look to it that I love. If your man and his groomsmen aren’t into the traditional black tuxedos or suits, these are a great alternative. Look at these dapper men [in these great photos, might I add!] sporting their respective grays and tans …

Red Ribbon Studio-Grey suit groom and groomsmengrey suit groom

Red Ribbon Studio - tan suit groom with bride

Red Ribbon Studio-tan suit groom

Gertrude & Mabel Photography - tan suit groomsmenGertrude & Mabel tan suit groom

Next Exit Photography - tan suit groom

Next Exit Photography - tan suit groomsmen

[image credit: images 1-4: Red Ribbon Studio,  images 5-7: Gertrude & Mabel Photography, images 8+9: Next Exit Photography]

Lovely, Lovely Handcrafted Wedding Ring Pilows

I am so glad that Anna Whitford and I came across each other on Twitter. Anna is a UK textile designer who creates beautiful wedding ring pillows. Take a look at the Anna Whitford Web site or blog for further information. And, they ship internationally!

Anna Whitford Ring Pillow - 1Anna Whitford Ring Pillow - 2

Anna Whitford Ring Pillow - 3Anna Whitford Ring Pillow - 4

Oh So Not Traditional Men's Wedding Bands

My fashion-forward sister told me about the following…and I am glad she did!

I am a fan of any designer with 'out of the box' thinking {did I mention, that is part of my day job, too?} and designing, which Mark Silverstein Imagines does. The product offerings are c-r-e-a-t-i-v-e. Props to truly veering away from what is the traditional men's wedding band.

If your soon-to-be husband wants a wedding ring that is different, or say, he loves playing a certain sport, or is even a pro-sports player {friends, I know you're shy}…take a look at these rings… all are available in Platinum or 18K Gold…

MS Football Wedding Band MS Golf Wedding Band MS Basketball Wedding Band   MS Tennis Wedding Band
MS Baseball Wedding Band
MS Auto Racing Wedding Band

Game on!

You named it…football, golf, basketball, tennis, baseball and auto racing themed wedding bands. This is one situation where groom-to-be-browsing-on-bridal-sites won't make him a little embarrassed, right? Of course…grooms always welcome.

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