Sweet Options – Mini Donuts with Coffee

If you’re having a night reception, you may want to have coffee handy for your guests. After all, some guests may have a long drive home or after a night of dancing, might need a java boost. And, what goes better with coffee than [mini] donuts?!

Sweet Options - Mini Donuts with Coffee

At our parties for work, we would have what was then called Hot Spot Mini Donuts in LA [now called The Fry Girl Inc.]. They quickly fried the mini donuts + then coated them in sugar, cinnamon + the like right before your eyes on their cute little stand. And, the fun factor of mini donut stands doesn’t hurt…food = entertainment. Plus you bet those minis were delish! In South Florida? Check out Donut Divas. They also offer mini funnel cakes [yum]! Indifferent about mini donuts and in the Chicago area? Check out the full sized at Glazed Donuts where they have featured flavors like fresh mango, chocolate covered cherry or lemon ginger!

Also, if you are having a post-wedding brunch, a donut tower like the one above could serve as a little brunch appetizer of sorts for your guests. All will help in making sure your guests are fed and happy. :)

[image credit: coffee - Veer, mini donut plate - Veer, doughnut tower + mini coffee + doughnuts  - Martha Stewart Weddings]

I Heart:::This Week’s Kind Freebies

I am sorry I am delayed on the week’s kind freebies post. I have been on cough medicine [and therefore a little groggy at times] for this cough. But, of course, I wouldn’t forget.

Here are some of my favorite + very kind freebies from around the blogosphere. And, speaking of freebies, I will have the printable table numbers to you within the week.


Cute Cherry Blossom Wrap Labels from the creative Blah, Blah Blahg
Cherry Blossom Wrap Labels

Cute Seating Cards and Treat Bag Toppers from the creative Creature Comforts.
Cute Seating Cards and Treat Bags Toppers

Homemade Bookplates from Martha Stewart mentioned at the creative Creature Comforts.

Ex Libris

Inspiration of the Week:Unique Centerpieces

This week’s inspiration {of the week} ideas focuses on unique centerpieces…each post will focus on different inspiring ideas to make tables more eye-catching and so not passe.

Today: Candle Centerpieces

Will you light my candle? Okay, I am not Mimi but I love the musical Rent, what can I say…
I love how candles add a romantic touch to evening receptions…or otherwise dark reception spaces.

I like this paper lantern and candle centerpiece from Every Day with Rachael Ray for a laid back shower or a less formal wedding..

I also like these ideas from Martha Stewart Weddings…

DIY corrugated paper and twine candle wraps

DIY stamped glass candleholders

DIY lovely photo frame lanterns with votives
see a ‘how to’ here.

And check out these lovely pew lanterns, not a centerpiece, but lovely, lovely, lovely!

Theme Thursday

I want to share with you some creative + fun wedding + event ‘themes.’ I use that word loosely because it is not an inspiration board but instead ideas + fab finds all with a central ‘motif’ for an entertaining event- whether
shower, reception, bachelorette party or other. New Thursday, new motif. See the links below to find out where to purchase the finds or how to make the drinks.

This Thursday: A Moroccan Inspired Event

It is no surprise that Moroccan style has kind of taken off in terms of decor. I like the bright colors and patterns that are associated with Moroccan decor. I really like how you are starting to see Moroccan used more and more as centerpieces and in weddings and other events.

Moroccan Inspired Event

Idea: For your seating area at your event, you can use similar furniture + decor in the picture above from Casablanca Market to create a relaxed lounge-like atmosphere. Or to even go over the top? Look into having a belly dancer perform!

Love tea? I am a huge fan of Moroccan mint tea. You can check out Emeril’s recipe here.
In the mood for some Moroccan food? Epicurious has some great recipes listed here.

[image credit: orange/yellow lantern - Amazon; blue lantern - Amazon; Star lantern - Amazon; Moroccan tea image - Flickr;  plates - CB2; Moroccan decor image - Casablanca Market; pillow - Wrapables ; spice box - World Market; glasses - World Market 'Casablanca' - Amazon ]

Inspiration of the Week: Beyond the Plain Vase

This week’s inspiration {of the week} ideas focuses on ways to go beyond the plain vase…each post will focus on different ways to make it more
fun, whether for a shower, reception or other event.

Today…use different vase fillers-be creative.

Lemon filled vase

You’ve probably seen cut lemons, limes + even kiwis filled in a vase. But what else can you use?

Jennifer from Hostess with the Mostess wrote about just that at Real Simple. I was about to put some vase fillers I like but some were already listed on her great list.

Here are some great vase fillers…

Vase gems
Coffee Beans
Acrylic Gems and Crystals
Ice Cube Glass Crystals
Colored Glass

Pink acrylic gems
Ice cube glass crystals

Acrylic Blue Ice

For a complete list of her suggestions, click here.

Even colored water looks great in vases, bowls or floating candle holders.

{Image credit: 1- Lenox Hill Florist & Events, 2-4 Save on crafts}

Inspiration of the Week: Beyond the Plain Vase

This week’s inspiration {of the week} ideas focuses on ways to go beyond
the plain vase…each post will focus on different ways to make it more
fun, whether for a shower, reception or other event.

Today…use the vases in unique ways {part 1…look for part 2 tomorrow}.

I adore this look, especially for a shower…bud vases displayed on a cake stand!

MS takeaway centerpieces

Also cute for a shower…

baby centerpieces in fun arrangements!

MS favors as centerpieces
MS vases in heart shape

And, since no one said all vases had to hold the same…

Pottery Barn Vase 1

Or no vase had to be the same…{on a table}

Pottery Barn Vase 2

Monogrammed vases + great display! Compliments of Pottery Barn.

Pottery Barn Vase 3

{Image credit: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6}

Inspiration of the Week: Beyond the Plain Vase

This week’s inspiration {of the week} ideas will focus on ways to go beyond the plain vase…each post will focus on different ways to make it more fun, whether for a shower, reception or other event.

Today…use ribbon(s) and fabric.

It could be as simple as adding ribbon around the vase, either covering it completely, around the middle, or in a bow…

Ribbon centerpiece1
Ribbon vase 3Ribbon vase 2
Ribbon vase 4

Or it could be a little more complex…fabric vases, when done right, make a statement…

Fabric vase
Click here to see how to create this look.

{Image credit, left to right: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5}

The New Way to e-Send Invites: Pingg


Ever just want to e-send an invite due to time or other restrictions….and like evite but wish there were something that allowed you to have a little more creative control?

Introducing Pingg

Pingg Invite Image

Pingg allows you to choose from various galleries or upload your own image, so the design is your complete individual style- custom made. How cool is that? Martha Stewart and others even helped to design some invitations as well.

Pingg also sends your invite via snail mail {print}, e-mail, sms/text, Web, and social networks such as facebook, twitter and more. Then you can later manage responses, make changes and even send thank you notes. I could go on and on about it really…but will spare you. Go ahead, take a look for yourself.

{Image credit: Pingg, designed by Jessica Gonacha}

One Word ~ Audrey.

Oh my gosh, totally my thing…. I adore Audrey Hepburn and always have. She is one of my idols, fashion icons and in my mind, THE film sweetheart. During my recent trip to Belgium {where she was born}, I asked the concierge at the hotel if they knew the area where she grew up {couldn't find it online, of course} because I wanted to visit. I must have been the first person to ever ask that because they had no idea.


Needless to say, I was happy to come across Audrey {and Cary Grant} tags via Jessica at Starr Designs' Etsy page I think they are great for birthday tags, or anything wedding… you name it. Lovely!

{photo credit: Starr Designs}

It’s Unique, It’s Fun, It’s DIY…It’s Paper!

I came across this great site, wedlog, and this fun DIY origami branch centerpiece. Check out the site for their detailed instructions on how to create your own!


{photo credit: wedlog}

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