Inspirational Words of Wisdom – no. 2

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde

[image credit: Veer]

Coincidentally, about 3 of my friends + followees had this famous quote on their statuses/updates this week.

Why I Love Today!…

Today, my husband and I celebrate our 2nd Wedding Anniversary. Woo hoo!!! :) I remember planning the wedding like it was yesterday [and loved every minute of it]. I feel so fortunate that my husband and I met…let alone married. 

Here is just a glimpse of our big day…May 12, 2007.
Wed image anniversary

And, here is a recent glimpse…
Married session Photo  
We were engaged in Europe and didn't really want an engagement session because we had sooooo many beautiful images of us taken in some of our favorite European cities. We decided, with our photographer Thomas Slack, that we would do a 'married session' in lieu of an engagement session that was included in our photo package. The photo above, in front of the Buckingham Fountain, is just one of our 'married session' photos.

Inspirational Words of Wisdom – no. 1

In honor of her birthday, which was today…

Inspirational Words of Wisdom - 4

‘For attractive lips, Speak words of kindness.

For lovely eyes, Seek out the good in people.

For a slim figure, Share your food with the hungry.

For beautiful hair, Let a child run his or her fingers through it once a day.

For poise, Walk with the knowledge you’ll never walk alone…’

- unknown*

Although the saying was thought to be by Audrey, the author is unknown but Audrey said it was a favorite + often quoted it in public.

Inspiration of the Week: Beautiful Centerpieces

This week’s inspiration [of the week] ideas focus on beautiful bouquets… centerpieces. Each post will focus on  centerpieces in different trendsetting colors schemes. There will be no all-white arrangements here!

Originally, I was going to post some great bouquets, but I will save that for next week. Living in So Cal [as well as Chicago], I have had the opportunity to learn more about + see the work of some truly great florists at TV + Film events, including actors’ party’s etc. I don’t want to be that name-dropper girl, so I won’t…but some of the best flower arrangements I have seen have been at some Los Angelenos’ [birthday or other] parties. Unfortunately, I don’t have many photos of them…come on, we all know that person who takes pictures of everything remotely close to a celeb. I am not that girl, nor I am star struck.

Here is some centerpiece inspiration from some of my favorite LA area florists, compliments of their sites + the www.

If you’re in the So Cal area [and/or really know florists], chances are you’ve heard of the creative Empty Vase and Tic Tock Couture Florals Here is some of their work – fuchsia/pink/watermelon colored centerpieces. More eye candy – and more centerpieces by color schemes to follow all week.


Pink and Green Tall Centerpiece

Bright Pink Centerpiece

Light Pink and Green Low Centerpiece

Did I mention I have a fascination with great centerpieces + pretty flowers?

[image credit: centerpiece 1, 2 + 3 - Empty Vase ; centerpiece 4 - Tic-Tock Couture Florals]

On Twitter

I just joined Twitter. After holding out for a bit due to time restrictions, I am happily now a Twitter-ette. Check out my tweets by clicking here and become a follower if you use twitter yourself. See you there.

Unique and Custom Wedding Handbags

If you are looking for a purse for either your wedding day or for everyday use, check out 1154 Lill Studio.

It is the original custom handbag company located in Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia and Kansas City, and also offers an online boutique. Not only does 1154 Lill have unique purse styles and fabric, you can design your own handbag! How great is that?

I am going to grab some girlfriends and my sister for a day at Lill.

Autumn Flowers I Love

I really like calla lillies. I adore the white ones, the black (so they are called, they are actually dark purple), and the yellowish-red ones. They are great especially for spring and fall weddings. The yellowish-orange are a perfect choice for an outdoor wedding or an autumn wedding. There are also petite callas that are great for boutonnieres. A couple years ago, you never really saw petite callas as boutonnieres. However, I think they are a great, and especially mod, choice. Not to mention, they are more durable than most flowers and petals, so in my experience they are less likely to get damaged or fall off. The picture above is from our friends' wedding – the bride's bouquet.

Centerpiece Idea Starters…and Items

If you’re sick of having just basic flower or plain branch centerpieces,check out these unique crystal flower
stems from White Aisle:

They also have cherry blossom branches as well:

The New Thing in Shopping… & Registries

Here our a list of sites that show, you don't have to stick to the traditional registries.


This is a great new site … you can add a wishpot button to your toolbar, allowing you to have a list of things you want, in one central location.
As if that wasn't enought…it allows you to share items you like or your registry items with your family and friends!
Take a look!


There is also kaboodle, which gives you the option to shop with friends, poll people to see what to choose, and see the recent activity.


It is less of a social networking and interactive site like the others but it allows you to do the same thing – shop different stores and have one registry.
Shop away! :)

Damask Cards

I found these cute cards on Wishpot from madebygirl. They are beautiful and are perfect for engagement party invites (if you are having an engagement party, it is definitely not a must do) or even as a post-wedding housewarming, or similar. The cards come in six different colors, are customizable, and are blank on the inside.

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