"Platinum Weddings" is back!

The new season of We TV's "Platinum Weddings" started tonight. New episode 1: Couple Joanna & Michael plan a wedding (with celeb wedding planner David Tutera's help) and wed in Philadelphia. New episode 2: Couple Amy & David plan a wedding and wed in Southern California. Get those Tivos or DVRs set if you haven't already.

Damask Wall Art Decal

I found these on Etsy.com, and I am SO getting these for my place. I have been to some weddings where the couple has a verse or other themed wall art decals at their reception venue (more on the verses in a later post) which are cute.
But these damask decals are adorable for the home, too!

A Colorful Cocktail Hour – with Jones Soda

So, you want do have fun drinks… and thought it couldn’t hurt to have them in your wedding colors?
Jones soda is great. I went to a wedding that had the soda bottles in the wedding colors (orange and red) and what started out as decoration (all the colorful bottles lined up)… turned into a fun scene…everyone of all ages drinking their Jones soda.
There are a variety of colors/flavors you can get and they are
available by the 12-pack on the Web site.
There is even the cream soda, with a baby on the label, which could be perfect for a baby shower.

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