Just some of the good ole policies. Thank you for reading the blog, however, please read the following too!

  • If you use material or images from this blog, make sure to provide credit to this site and/or the site credited. In other words, I seek original material and that often takes a great deal of time. Be nice + respectful by crediting this site.  If I credit another site, make sure to credit them as well.
  • Wedding planning should be a joyful occasion. With that said, I really like hearing from readers via positive + nice comments. Negative comments – not so much.  I am not obligated to approve/post negative comments. It hasn’t happened yet here [so thank you!] but I feel I need to say it. Additionally, any comments with the sole purpose of promoting companies or products [and obviously, just plain spam] will be deleted.
  • If you have an image on this blog + would like it removed, please e-mail info[at]trendsettingwedding[dot]com. I will respond to the e-mail.  So, no response to a take down/remove e-mail = e-mail was not received.
  • I always strive for original content. However, with things I see, like + want to you share with you that aren’t my own findings, I will credit the source(s).
  • The views reflected in comments  or re-posts [posts on this site shown on other sites] are not reflected of myself or the trendsetting wedding blog.
  • Lastly, I am a kind hearted gal + I like meeting more of the same. I hope to get to know you + you me through this little blog. Thank you for following as I share my wedding likes + loves.


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